Our friends: .: club re:noize

Club re:noize is a unique collaboration that merges people into one main interest: the music. The list of genres is based on our music taste. We made this place because we wanted to have a community where we all can listen to the music we love and promote the artists we like. The founders behind this project are well known artists in their local scene.

So, they really know what’s going on in this music industry. Indeed, you are dealing with professionals who see the difference between ‘right’ and ‘left’ music. You can support them and their opinion or just let it pass by. They live for it, they die with it. First of all, we built this club in the virtual environment called 'Second life(tm)'. When you join us in this '3d chat', you will see the virtual reflection of our project; the club itself and visitors from around the world that are using so-called 'avatars' to meet each other and chat online while listening to the music from our radio or our own DJs. It's very easy to create a free account and have the opportunity to chat in realtime, combined with visual aspects like dancing, moving and exploring 'the grid'. Secondly, the Powernoise, Rhythmic Noise and related subgenres that we support is gaining popularity rapidly and already has a lot of fans worldwide.

If you can’t go to a party or performance in a real live club or perhaps want to DJ this kind of music yourself - club re:noize is the best start and platform for it! We would like to help people to discover this kind of music. Our site has a library with artists and a lot of useful links, that will give you the chance to become a part of it. Find us in the popular social networks and you will automatically stumble upon information about new releases, free mp3s and much more, to create and expand your own music collection. Or just listen to our own unique radiostation online, that is streaming 24/7 only noizy music. Check the schedule and find your favorite live re:noize DJs on air, who come from all over the world and use different styles to show more dimensions of the genre. So many goodies, haaa? Don’t stay behind, become part of it! We are open to any suggestion and offer from you! Send us a message to stay in touch.