Recent music heroes

Tatlum is a project from Moscow, Russia which is driven by the intentions of noise music and power electronics. Max Zeelot aka Zilot aka Tatlum represents 10 pieces within it heavily distorted, noiseful tunes are interspersed with the tendencies of sampledelics/cut and paste/sound collage and spoken word bits and seamlessly overdriving sample chunks which are bent in a way to be funny (for instance, there can be perceived schlager-based cut-ups in one track). However, frequently the music is getting drifted toward more industrial(-techno)-carved shapes and patterns. Now and then his predominantly exulting music used to be more atmospherical, though, never being a relaxing kind of. In true, there are up few moments where the powerful flow of his sound is somewhat diminished or broken in (for instance, Drei). Such producers as Lebensjunge, Grunt, Edgeist, Interlard, Sick Seed are Tatlum`s kindred souls.

 /Power electronics, Industrial techno, Avant-garde, Sampledelic, Cut and paste, Non-music, Rhythmic noise, Experimental electronica/