Review on Blackaudio of TATLUM'S Mechanical Rite CD

Russian born Tatlum has been making a name for himself in the underground breakcore scene for some time now and I can see why. Opening up with ‘Calling’, he follows a similar path to most artists of this ilk, but from the higher echelons of the market. Beats and samples punch through with weight, whilst simplistic electronics flutter over the top; it’s an effective lesson in destructive music and one I personally revel in. Tatlum’s moniker comes from the Gaelic term “tathlum”, translated as a “concrete ball”; and I couldn’t think of anything more fitting. “Mechanical Rite’ is an aural fist in the face from start to finish with little time for composure between tracks. Occasionally flirting with Gabba and techno aesthetics, this is breakcore in its purist form. Less haphazard than say Igorr and the like, but no less engaging in sense numbing enthusiasm, Maxim Zolotarëv could well be one of those hidden gems that truly makes a name for himself on the wider scene, such is the quality of the output on display. There is obviously a time and place for this kind of music. I would have liked the inclusion of some more down-tools moments and space for reflection, as others in this scene more often than not produce; if not just to appreciate the brutality when it comes. However, there is little to say about this album that’s negative in any way; a monstrous behemoth of complicated, yet to the point annihilation of the senses from start to finish.